Network Optimization Solutions.



Viva Network's Intelligent Optimization of radio networks, including GSM, UMTS, CDMA-2000, WiMax, Tetra. Viva Network's suite of tools allows an operator, a service provider or a system integrator to achieve better KPIs (quality of service, fewer dropped calls, coverage, capacity, interference…) with your network configuration or alternatively to reduce the number of sites necessary to achieve pre-determined KPIs.


Voice over IP - whilst other providers are still developing their networks in preparation for still unproven but anticipated demand, Viva Networks is already responsible for integrating and managing one of Europe's VoIP networks.


Viva Networks was one of the first providers to bring DSL services to the corporate market, again enabling huge savings compared to traditional leased line services. Viva Networks can offer DSL in more countries around the world than any carrier.


Viva Network's Technical Analyst team invests a significant amount of resource in Research and Development to understand in considerable detail:


All the carrier products around the world; their strengths and weaknesses
All the equipment manufacturers and their products' strengths and weaknesses
How to integrate them
How to develop our services around them
How to ensure they seamlessly integrate with Viva Network's systems and processes.

This enables the technical consulting teams to develop integrated solutions based on all the best available information which meet customers' exacting requirements.


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