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VivaMobility™ is a Pay As You Go service that allows you to use your mobile phone when you are travelling abroad without incurring expensive roaming, calling, or texting charges.


You can use your VivaMobility™ to make cheap mobile calls in over 115 countries as well as receive calls for FREE in more than 65 countries. VivaMobility™ can save you up to 95% on your mobile phone bill as compared to normal operators.


VivaMobility™ is ideal for people travelling abroad on business, holiday or taking a gap year. When your credit runs low, simply top up your account instantly from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.


Conference calling


With VivaMobility™ you can turn any call into a conference call. Once you have the first person on the line, simply dial a new number and press 'send'. That person will be added to your call. You can add as many people to the call as you like. Any additional parties to conference calls are charged at 1.5 times the normal VivaMobility™ call charges.


Call Forwarding


You can redirect calls from your existing mobile to your VivaMobility™ number so you need never miss a call while you're away. You can also redirect your VivaMobility™ calls to any number, anywhere very cheaply. You can use this feature to call anywhere in the world for the price of calling your own VivaMobility™ number. See here for further information on call forwarding rates.


Call me


Using your online controls, you can enter two numbers that you want to connect and the switch will initiate the call for you. It will be charged to your VivaMobility™ account, even if you do not have your VivaMobility™ phone with you.

A useful tool should you have difficulty making calls, if you are in countries not covered by VivaMobility™, or you need to make an emergency call on your account.


VivaMobility™ Global Sim Card - $50.00 includes $5.00 Starter Credit and a UK Mobile Phone Number.

VivaMobility™ comes with some fantastic additional features to make using your phone even easier and more convenient:

Call recording


You can record any call you make using VivaMobility™ by simply pressing #*1 at the beginning of the call and #*2 when you've finished recording. To listen to the call go to your account and login. Go to billing and find the call - you'll see a cassette icon beside it. Click on the cassette and your media player will play the call.



If you don't answer your phone or if it is switched off, inbound callers will be diverted to voicemail. You will receive a text message to let you know you have voicemail. You can then access your voicemails via your mobile phone or even on-line! With all said don't you think it is time you stop carrying more sim cards than required -




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