Electronic Financial Audit Sub-System (EFASS) by Viva Networks Limited.


Our EFASS solutions helps banks produce the desired Banking reports for online transmission to any nation’s apex bank through the EFASS software.


Unique Features


Generates all designated reports including the latest ones

  • Web based Application; it can run across the intranet thereby decentralizing loading and preparation of reports
  • Menu based system that allows users to pick which particular set of reports they want to  generate
  • Built on Java/XML technology
  • Can be deployed on Apache Tomcat , Jboss, Oracle 9ias, BEA Weblogic, etc
  • Solution requires Zero additional software license/hardware purchase
  • Fastest Implementation time:  6 Weeks + Training
  • Seamless Integration with live data
  • Works with major e-banking programs used in the Banking industry
  • 100% Customizable to fit any Bank size.

For more information send email to: efass@vivanetworkslimited.com


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