Bulk SMS


SMS Introduction
Since its inception in 1992, SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging has become a global phenomenon, with over 500 billion text messages being sent last year. Although the majority usage was and continues to be consumers texting 'phone to phone', SMS is increasingly being seen as an indispensable business tool.


The introduction of higher bandwidth wireless technologies such as WAP, GPRS and 4G have done little to dent the increasing popularity of this medium.


Viva's SMS solutions are all built around a common core platform, MMSVIVA (Mobile Messaging Server) and are aimed primarily at corporate customers who need to communicate with their mobile workforce and customers. A key feature of Viva's SMS technology is its extremely flexible component-based architecture.


Customer's can implement 'out of the box' solutions and be up and running in hours. Alternatively, they can use Viva messaging technology to develop their own custom built applications and extensions to common business applications such as MSWord and Lotus Notes.

SMS Delivery Example
MMSVIVA is designed to support concurrent messaging from multiple business applications across the enterprise.

For example, a large food retailer needs to send a summary of daily sales figures from an Excel spreadsheet to senior management and board members. Dispatch control needs to stay
in contact with delivery van drivers and the marketing department wans to run a consumer-facing SMS product awareness campaign using SMS.


The management sales information is sent using Viva's SMS Messaging add-on for Microsoft

Excel. Driver dispatch uses Viva's Group SMS Messaging web client. The marketing campaign uses the MMSVIVA SDK to develop a simple Visual Basic application that integrates with the company's Oracle marketing database.


We offer a fast delivery service of the underlisted type of SMS solutions with high volume pricing at pricing that is second to none.


Web to SMS - Send from your browser
Desktop to SMS - The ultimate SMS desktop software
Email to SMS - Use email to send messages
Http to SMS - SMS Enable your own applications


Bulk SMS/ GSM features:

Delivery reports, concatenated messages, unicode, alpha, numeric or dynamic sender ID, binary, Flash, pictures, logos, ringtones and WAP bookmarks are supported if you send SMS via this web site.


GSM features supported depend on the route and pricing the client selects. Send a mail to bulk@vivanetworkslimited.com for more details.



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